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HQSoftwarelab – Dedicated development team

HQSoftwarelab – Dedicated development team


Software development, especially bespoke development, is increasingly where businesses are concentrating. After all, if it’s yours, you have control of it from inception to delivery right? Building a team to do this can be difficult and costly though, and that’s where HQSoftwarelab – elearning app development and dedicated development teams come in – recently voted top Internet of Things Developer by Clutch.

1. What do you get?

A custom team that you can hand pick, with options for experience levels, English language ability and you can interview each member of the team before you decide you want them. Even more than that though, you can have personal and direct contact with every team member during the project to ensure you know what their progress is.

2. What can they do for you?

Their teams can specialise in .Net, Java or PHP, but that’s not the full list of what is possible. Also available to you are business analysts, project managers, Graphic Designers, front-end HTML developers, UI designers and even QA.

Beyond these skills, their teams, throughout their working lives, have picked up experience in a wide variety of areas that can make them even more useful to you!

These include projects working with:

● Healthcare

● Government

● Real Estate

● Marketing

3. Are there multiple types of team?

In a word – yes!

To expand though, they typically offer 3 different types of team, depending on what your requirements are.

● Extending your in-house team

If you already have a successful in-house team of developers, HQSoftware –  dedicated development team can integrate with them and work together on your project. This is a much lower risk to you than expanding your own team because all of HQ Softwarelab’s team members are all proven in their skills and work ethic.


● Get a full team

If you don’t have an in-house development team, you can get an entire development team from HQSoftwarelab – iot company . They will fully complete the project from pre-production right the way through to delivery, whilst operating under your control as if they were your own team.

● Tech Support

No matter what type of team you worked with, once the project is done, they don’t just pack up and abandon you with your project. HQ Softwarelab’s Dedicated Teams are well aware that no matter how thorough the testing process, there will always be a need for bug squashing and tweaks to be done. That’s why they will provide you with a tech support team to deal with any and all of your concerns.
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