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The StandFore is a commercial banking software brand created by banking software manufacturing and consulting company named Qulix. Thanks to StandFore platform the company had major success in recent years, working with some of the top Eastern European banks. The company and their major platform currently hold top places in several worldwide rankings of banking platforms.
StandFore banking platform software uses its great architecture to provide numerous solutions for ongoing changes in contemporary banking trends. Through multiple channels and applications for remote banking services, the platform’s components boost the services of electronic banking in a fast and safe way. StandFore platform provides business consultation as well, through user interaction system. Tips and recommendations on bank products are only few of many consulting ways StandFore offers.
Simple and modern interface of StandFore is something that skyrocketed StandFore  is one of the top online banking software vendors in recent years. Lots of features and moduels set the eyes of many business and financial companies on their platform.
The StandFore platform offers custom changes and developments to their clients. It is made in open source code which allows banks to customize the platform and make their own improvements. This flexibility provides a wide range of appliances for this platform. The solution banks can use the opportunity to add or edit business scenarios like payments and application forms, make changes in presentations of data like adding new graphs or widgets, and finally, they have the availability to connect with third party systems like anti fraud system or CRM platforms.
Qulix intended to make it even more applicable by creating several modules in addition to the banking usability of their software. The key modules, of course, being the internet and mobile banking applications. However, in addition to these, Qulix offers management console, personal finance management system, virtual office, digital marketing and other banking modules, all of them innovative and optional.
Digital marketing module is, surely, the most welcome addition to their software platform. Unlike most of other banking platform, StandFore offers CRM and DMS through their system rather than having to implement a third party one. This provides a unique profile for each and every customer, analyzing their behavior, location, their system usage data and all the preferences they may have, in order to fully adapt and satisfy the customer. In addition, it provides the data for future offers and financial plans of each customer.
Qulix and their partners, in addition to consulting and offering their full banking software applications, also offer partial implementations of StandFore platform to existing banking platforms in order to improve and fix any problem existing platforms might have.
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